Affiliate Program

Why Become an Original Retro Brand Affiliate?

Benefits of joining:
1) Helps your organization meet its financial goals.
2) We pay you 10% commission on all referred customer purchases.
3) Joining our affiliate program is absolutely free!

How easy is this?
1) Register Here to our affiliate program. Original Retro Brand is Shareasale Merchant ID #23091.
2) Choose a banner ad, text or any product graphic from our system
3) Implement the banner code into your website, newsletter, or simple email!
4) Visitors from your website that will click on the banners will be automatically redirect to our website
5) Shareasale will track every visitor that goes from your site to ours. You will have full access to this information. Every time someone purchases apparel from Original Retro Brand – you will get a 10% commission.
6. Commissions are paid monthly. You can choose to have direct deposit into your bank account or have a check mailed to you. Note: All orders are held 30 days before available for commission. This is to combat credit card fraud.

Questions you may have:

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate program allows you access to Original Retro Brand banners that can be displayed on your website or in emails. When someone clicks the banner  or text and makes a purchase with us, you will receive your portion of the proceeds from the sale.

How do I know what commissions I have earned?
Our state of the art e-commerce system enables us to track traffic coming from the affiliate. By using your personal ID and password, you will be able to access your account at any time and know how much money you have earned.

What else must I do?
You do not have to worry about anything! We handle everything - from the point of sale through the after sales service.

How do I get started?
Simply go to this link. After filling out the simple application form, you will be able to login and use one of our banners or text links - you can even create links with your own specific messaging!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you keep track of the orders coming from my site?
When you sign up as a Original Retro Brand affiliate, you will be assigned a unique identification number. This unique identification number is used in every URL that you use to link to any of our affiliate products. Note: URL = website address. Our URL is

2) Do I have to enter my unique affiliate identification number in any advertising I do?
No, we have already added your unique affiliate identification number in all the Copy & Paste code for banners and text links.

3) How will I know how many shirts I have sold?
You may login into your account at any time to view exactly how many visitors have traveled from your site to Original Retro Brand and how many shirts were sold on a daily basis.

4) Do I need a credit card merchant account and a secure site to join?
No. That is the beauty of an affiliate program -- we take care of all of the payment processing, secure server technology and even the shopping cart system. Then we pay you the commission for the sale through direct deposit or check.

5) How should I incorporate the Original Retro Brand Affiliate Program into my web site?
We offer a whole range of ready-to-use options such as banners and text links that you can easily add to your web site, or your opt-in mailing list. We give you tools you need, but no matter how you integrate them into your web site or online marketing, we give you complete control.

6) Can I take orders directly on my web site instead, and just send you the customer information afterward?
No. We offer a secure web site which is essential in collecting online orders. Plus, we handle all customer questions and requests, including cancellations. We do the work, you get the commission.

7) When do I get paid?
Monies due for orders generated as a result of AFFILIATE links/Web Site will be held for 30 days after the date an order was placed. When your account total reaches $25.00 or more your payment shall be sent to in the method of your choosing. [Direct deposit or check]

8) Do you use cookies to track people?
Yes. When your visitor first comes to our site, we tag them with a cookie that includes your affiliate number. So if someone visits us through your link to our site and does not buy tickets right away -- but returns later to purchase -- you will still get credit for that sale and earn your commission!

9) What happens if a visitor has cookies turned off on their browser?
If a visitor has cookies turned off on their browser, our special tracking software will always point to your reference number, even if they bookmark us and return later to purchase.

10) Do I have to create my own advertising to promote your programs?
No. You get to eliminate the hassles of product development, ad writing, order processing, refunds, and customer service. We do all that. All you do is drive visitors to our site!